Columba’s life  (521-597) was captured through his biographer Adomnan who was abbot of Iona about 100 years later. Columba was a warrior and politician, a scholar, a priest and poet, who played an important role in both Scottish and Irish history. He was born into the royal family of the Northen Ui Neill in Donegal. … More Hospitality

Is Leadership Developed from the “Inside-Out” or “Outside-In” or Both?

How does a community develop leadership? There is a bias toward specialization which means that those who are insiders or those with  “special knowledge” are given the authority to make decisions and implement change. Leadership in the church community, however, can also occur when outsiders are empowered to lead. The Iona Project is a study … More Is Leadership Developed from the “Inside-Out” or “Outside-In” or Both?