“HOLY GOATS:Your Fire Prevention Angels”

Mission:  Enhance the quality of life in Mendocino County for future generations by protecting and restoring the natural heritage and community resilience of our regions through science, spirituality and stewardship specifically by developing a herd of goats for brush abatement services thereby reducing the threat of forest fire. 

Proposal:  Create and manage a low risk, low cost, one-year pilot program utilizing goat herds for brush abatement in Mendocino County in order to reduce the possibility of uncontrolled forest fires.

Potential Partners:  California State Parks, the Mendocino Land Trust, Mendocino Presbyterian Church, NOYO Center and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Fiscal Sponsorship: Project would fall under the fiscal umbrella contract with Conception Coast Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Hence, checks written to “Conception Coast Project” with memo line reading: “Goat Programwill be tax deductible.

Goal of $13,500 for Necessary Strategic Upfront Costs Prioritized through Four Phases

Phase I:  Institutional Costs--$3,500  

Phase II:  Field Resources–$2,000  

Phase III: Leadership Costs–$6,000

Phase IV: Large Guardian Dogs–$2,000

Advisory Board: At-Will Employees (Rangers) of Holy Goats will report to a Director. Rangers and Director will be advised by an Advisory Board, but the Director is the highest-ranking decision-maker for the project. The Director will brief the Conception Coast Project Board monthly in writing, and report once a year in writing and during a CCP Board Meeting. In extreme cases, where the 501(c)3 status is at stake, the Director will take direction from the Board, otherwise, it will just be advice. The Holy Goats Advisory Board will consist of no less than 2individuals. The Advisory Board will be empowered to develop the cost estimates for clearing land and dividing monetary gifts with the below as a suggested starting template:

  • 20%-30% for Institutional Costs such as, insurance, fiscal sponsorship, and advertising ($30 a day)
  • 20%-30% for Resources divided between gas, food, and medicine ($45 a day)
  • 50% for Rangers ($75 a day or $37.50 per morning/evening shift) 

Director:  A Director position will be developed responsible for public relations, coordinating volunteers with rangers, attending to new contracts and possibly development of animal husbandry camps. The Director will review any new contracts receiving at least $100 for on-site consultation. The Director will receive the “shift fee” for times when volunteers are responsible for animals. The Director will be the “ambassador” in the community educating the public on fire prevention and articulating best practices for animal husbandry. 

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