“Our Image of Jesus” –Present on Earth-Iona Community–Wild Goose Worship

The Iona Team presented this “conversation” or “scene” in worship at Mendocino Presbyterian Church on March 18th. One of the values of the Iona Community in Scotland is cultivating a listening spirit. In the vein the Mendocino Presbyterian Church Iona Team is attempting to listen with respect to one another…to the community…and to the world.

“OUR IMAGE OF JESUS”–from Present on Earth: An Iona Community Resource


Above—111th Street in Los Angeles, California

We will divide into two groups A & B.

Whereas “A” is blustering and pompous…”B” is more down to earth yet a little snide. Towards the end as A get more explosive, B gets more quiet and serious. The readers should almost speak over each other as if oblivious to what the other is saying. They are not speaking to one another. Each voice thinks they are “Right”. Of course, the outcome we are hoping to achieve with those who hear this dramatic reading is a commitment to work with people different from themselves. Just as A & B need to listen to each other, we too need to listen to each other.


A:  It is of supreme importance


B: that we get our image of Jesus




A: For there are too many blithering idiots,


B:  well-meaning people,


A:  religious extremists,


B: church leaders,


A: Marxists,


B: Capitalists,


A: Democrats,


B:  Republicans,




A:  So, listen carefully….



B:  –as we all know,

A:  Came from a model family


B: –his mother was pregnant when she got married.


A:  And lived in a secure home


B:  –they were refugees.


A: As the old hymn says,

        ‘Through his wondrous childhood’….


B: about which we know next to nothing…


A:  ‘he was mild and obedient’….


B: –he ran away when he was twelve.


A:  Jesus was the model working men,


B: –he became redundant when he was thirty,


A:  encouraging entrepreneurship in others


B: –he told Peter, Andrew, James, John, Matthew to give up their jobs.


A:  He kept good company,


B:   –dining out with beggars and prostitutes.


A:  He had a good word for everybody,


B: –’vipers’, ‘blind guides’, ‘hypocrites’.


A: His conversation was about the finer things in life,


B:   –dough, sheep, pig farming, wise virgins…


A: He never dabbled with controversy


B:  He just claimed to be the Son of God!  


A: Jesus never upset anyone by his language


B:   –except priests, pharisees, pigeon sellers, executioners and wealthy young men.


A: He was respected in religious circles


B: –they wanted to lynch him after his first sermon.


A:  Jesus was a man among men


B: –and women.


A:  In his majesty we see God at work


B: -in his humility we meet God in person.


A:  That’s why he was worshipped


B:   –that’s why he was crucified.


A:  Jesus isn’t here now


B:   –he rose again on the third day.


A:  So we have to get on with it ourselves


B: –he sent his Holy Spirit to guide us.


A:  We have to build the kingdom!


B: –we have to celebrate his presence among us.


A:  We have to lend a hand!


B:   –we are to follow where he calls….


A:  stand up and be counted…


B: –humbly….


A:  like soldiers!!!


B: –as servants.


A:  We are a mighty army.


B:  We are the body of Christ.


A:  It is of supreme importance


B:  that we get our image of Jesus


A & B:  RIGHT.


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